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So you need a new clothesline but with so many different options available you're not sure which one to choose? Here are a few things you might like to consider in order to find the right clothesline for you:
Outdoor space
If you have a large backyard, then a rotary clothesline is the best and most efficient clothesline choice. Most of us are quite limited when it comes to backyard space and so the traditional 'hills hoist' is not always an option. For courtyards and side access ways, often a folding frame clothesline is a modern and convenient choice. When not in use it can be folded back alongside the wall or fence and comes in a variety of sizes. A retractable clothesline is another good alternative (especially for narrow areas) which can also be withdrawn when not in use, although it will require a post or wall at both ends to attach to. 
When assessing the space you have, don't forget to consider the impact of the sun and air circulation. Do you want your clothesline to be in full sun, or do you prefer it to be partly shaded? Note - the breeze and not the sun does most of the drying. Therefore does the proposed area for your clothesline receive enough wind and air circulation to dry your clothes quickly?
Amount of washing
If you have a large family and are frequently washing, then having ample line space is a must. Generally speaking, approximately 30 metres of line or more would be suitable for a family of four. The clotheslines with the largest amount of space tend to be the rotary models often having up to 60 meters of line length, however a selection of folding and retractable models are available at around 40 meters in line length.
Indoor versus outdoor use
During the wetter months many of us revert to using dryers, however it is getting more and more expensive and environmentally damaging to use dryers. Using the great outdoors to dry your clothes can save you up to $280 a year and cut your carbon pollution by 1,400kg!  Avoid using your dryer and make more use out of your clothesline all year round, covers are available for a selection of folding clotheslines to keep your clothes dry even when it's raining outside. A smaller second clothesline can be installed under a patio or inside a garage. Portable models are ideal for indoors, or for use on those wet winter days.
Installation method
Before ordering your new clothesline, think about how your clothesline will need to be installed. Could it be mounted onto a brick wall? Or will it need to be mounted onto posts in the ground? Most clotheslines come with the accessories to suit mounting onto a brick or masonry wall. 

Types of clotheslines available

There are four types of clotheslines available – rotary (fixed and folding), folding frames, retractable, and portable. Here we outline the various options and a few advantages and disadvantages of each to help you make the right choice.

Fixed Rotary Clothesline

Generally known as the “Traditional, Original or Old Fashioned Clothesline” these are also regarded by many as an Australian icon thanks to the Hills Hoist and are still seen in many Australian back yards. The Fixed Rotary Hoists are still available today and are manufactured by Hills and Austral.

- Can hold large loads of washing including King and Queen size sheets.
- Have the quickest clothes drying time.
- Have larger spaces between lines and do not get sagging lines due to the use of wire instead of polycord.
- Require very little maintenance.
- Durable and thus have a long life span.

- Take up a reasonably large yard area and can not be folded down or removed.
- More expensive than other styles of clotheslines.
- Regarded by some as an eye sore.
- More difficult than other styles to install.

General Info
- Measured by the diameter of the head section and available in 4, 5 or 6 metre diameters.
- Needs at least a 1m clearance around the head diameter.
- Made from galvanised steel, galvanised wire and aluminium fixtures.
- The central column must be cemented in the ground and the clothesline can not be moved once in place.
- Line length (actual hanging space) between 40 and 60 metres.
- These clotheslines come with a 10 year structural guarantee.

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Folding Rotary Clothesline

Based on the traditional galvanised styled hoist, these clotheslines are often referred to as a 'Modern Rotary Hoist'. They have become more popular than the older style galvanised hoists over the past 10-15 years due to their versatility and the decreasing size of Australian backyards.

- Can be folded down and/or removed when not in use.
- Can hold large loads of washing including Queen size sheets. Larger models will carry King size sheets.
- Have quick clothes drying time.
- Plastic fixtures, fittings and polycord are UV treated.

- Lines can be slightly closer together than some other styles of clotheslines.
- Requires slightly more maintenance than the traditional hoist, mainly regular tensioning of the lines.

General Info
- Measured by the diameter of the head section and available in several sizes between 3 and 4 metres.
- Needs at least a 1m clearance around the head diameter.
- Made from Galvanised then powder coated steel, pvc polycord and plastic fixtures, fittings and gearing.
- The central column sits inside a socket or sleeve that is cemented into the ground. The clothesline can be folded and removed from the ground socket to create more yard space.
- Line length (actual hanging space) between 32 and 56 metres.
- These clotheslines come with a 10 year structural guarantee.

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Folding Frame Clothesline

These are the most common style of clothesline sold in Australia. These are referred to as a 'Paraline'. Paralines have a folding, steel outer frame with the lines running parallel to the front bar. There are many different sizes available.

- Can be folded down when not in use and are generally less obtrusive than rotary clotheslines.
- Are more cost effective than most other styles.
- Can utilise space in tight areas such as narrow spaces between a house and fence, walkways, balconies, or even garages and car ports.
- Are available in a variety of sizes to suit most requirements. From small apartment balconies to large spacious back yards or even long narrow spaces.
- If you can't find the required size from our huge range then clotheslines can be modified to custom fit into most areas.
- Can be used as an indoor clothesline or as a secondary line for excess washing or winter drying.
- Many different colours available.

- Less hanging space than the more traditional styled rotary clotheslines.
- Washing on internal lines, in some cases, can be close to walls or fences.
- Lines on some models are closer together; therefore drying time can be longer.
- Occasional tensioning of the lines will be needed to fix sagging.

General Info
- Can be mounted directly onto brick or masonry walls, or can be mounted onto two posts and cemented into the ground (known as a Ground Mount Kit).
- In an ideal situation the area required for this style of clothesline would allow at least 50mm clearance on either side of the clothesline and 300mm clearance from the front bar of the clothesline.
- Clotheslines can not be mounted within 500mm of a Hot Water Unit and ideally would be keep clear of any other obstructions such as air-conditioning units.
- If wall mounted the clotheslines can be mounted across/over standard downpipes or water pipes.
- All of our folding frame clotheslines are made from quality steel, then galvanised and powder coated.
- Line length (actual hanging space) can vary from 7 metres (1 person or second undercover line) to 36 metres (full family size).

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Retractable Clothesline

Retractable or retracting clotheslines can best be described as a cabinet that is mounted to either a wall or a post with a series of lines that can be extended and attached to a receiving bracket that is mounted on another post or wall. The lines can be retracted and stored away inside the cabinet when not in use.

- Takes up very little room when lines are retracted.
- Can get up to 50 metres of line.
- Can be mounted easily indoors or outdoors under patios, in garages or on balconies for under cover drying.
- Can utilise space in tight and narrow areas.
- Lines stay clean when retracted away inside the unit.

- Longer drying time than rotary hoists
- Limited colour choice available

General Info
- We carry two brands of retractable clotheslines, Hills and Austral.
- If the clothesline cabinet is to be mounted onto a post; a mount bar will be needed.
- The receiving bracket that is fixed to the opposite end is included with each clothesline.
- An optional ground socket is available to suit all posts. This enables posts to be removed if needed.
- Clotheslines can not be mounted within 500mm of a Hot Water Unit.
- All of our retracting clotheslines, posts and mount bars are made from quality steel, then galvanised and powder coated.
- Line length (actual hanging space) can be up to 50 metres.
- Both manufacturers offer a 10 year structural guarantee.

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Portable Clothesline

As the name suggests, Portable Clotheslines can be moved into different locations as needed. Portable clotheslines are sometimes referred to as 'indoor clotheslines' or 'clothes airers'. They are often used for winter drying, as a secondary drying option or for those who have very little yard space. There are a number of different sizes to suit varying requirements.

- Can easily be moved to desired location to allow the most efficient drying.
- Fits in most locations around the home, mostly indoors but can also be placed outdoors.
- Are light and easy to manoeuvre and can be folded and put away when not in use.
- Are cost effective and some models can hold relatively large loads of washing in minimal space.

- Lines are relatively close together resulting in longer drying times than other styles of clotheslines.
- Not as sturdy in outdoor situations as permanently fixed clotheslines.
- Limited line space compared to other clothesline alternatives.

General Info
- There are a range of cheaper as well as more expensive options available.
- The better quality models are made from galvanised then powder coated steel, pvc polycord, and UV treated plastic fixtures and fittings. They also come with a 3 year structural guarantee.
- Line length (actual hanging pace) varies between 12 and 17 metres.

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Still unsure?

If you still have questions and are unsure what clothesline is best for your needs, then don't hesitate to contact us. One of our friendly staff will be more than happy to answer your questions and assist you in selecting the right product.